Swedish Woman Asks Community on Facebook For Help To Find Migrant Who Hid Under Her Bed And Tried To Rape Her, Locals Call Her Racist Instead

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Mad World News reports:

A young woman awoke one night to find that an African refugee had hidden under her bed and waited until she had fallen asleep in order to rape her. Fortunately, she managed to escape before he could carry out his sick plan and immediately pleaded with locals to help her capture her attacker. However, as soon as she described the rapist’s ethnicity, local liberals had just one thing to say.

When 21-year-old Sofia Emilson slipped into bed on Saturday night, she had no idea that her worst nightmare was lurking just a few feet below her. The Swedish beauty and her 28-year-old partner Patrik Pantzars were ready to call it a night after putting down their 18-month-old son for the evening. Pantzars decided to stay downstairs to wait for a friend who was coming to stay over the weekend while Emilson slept upstairs in their bed. It wasn’t until Pantzars heard blood-curdling screams that he even knew someone had broken into their home.

Fria Tider reports that Emilson awoke to a strange man groping her buttocks as she lay in bed. Seeing that he had woken her, the man placed his finger over her mouth, warning her to be quiet. Fortunately, her screams not only alerted Pantzars but also startled her attacker, causing him to flee out the second-story window.

Hoping to help catch the suspect, Emilson not only notified the police but quickly took to social media to describe the man in case any of her nearby friends saw him. The petrified woman did her best to give every detail she could remember, describing a “dark-skinned young man” around 18 or 19 years old and wearing “some kind of football shirt.”

She wrote on Facebook:

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Here were some of the more ridiculous comments:

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