Alt Right Founder Richard Spencer Announces Potential Run For Montana Congress, Plans To Build Border Wall With Canada

Controversial Alt Right founder Richard Spencer announced on Twitter he might be running for Montana Congress.

Spencer put out a series of Tweets that included his slogan ‘Montana First’, a Tweet about strengthening relations with Native Americans, and his plans for a Northern Border Wall with Canada.

In other news it appears Richards mother has been the target of vicious threats from the left:


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  • If I lived in Montana, I would vote for him.

    • ATruePatriotTrump2016

      I hope he takes it seriously and immediately dismisses the wall shit with Canada. If the Canadians that live near Montana move in, that’s more whites in America plus the cost is rediculous for basically nothing


        Canada is full of communists , left wing idiots. and muslims. They let the muslims com in and stay there. It won’t be long till they are on the move south. They will move in massive numbers and it won’t be long before the even more problems start. Why not cut the head off the snake right in the beginning?