TSA CONFIRMS: Second Shooter At Fort Lauderdale Airport AFTER First Mass Shooting Kills At Least 5

second shooter

Its being reported that there is a second shooter at Fort Lauderdale Airport, after the first mass shooting killed at least 5.


It appears after all the reports of a second shooter, there was in fact only one shooter.

Pictured below is the shooter Esteban Santiago, wearing an Arab scarf doing the Islamic one finger salute:

Screen Shot 2017-01-06 at 9.40.06 PM

Update 1: TSA confirms second shooter.

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  • jrj9746

    On Obama’s watch there has not been any Islamic/Muslim terrorist attacks on America; they always call them by another name.

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  • sowsear1

    Who is the balding man they arrested?

  • sowsear1

    If shooter changed planes in Minneapolis, he was probably on Delta.

  • tinynot

    there are a few things witnessed, and the MSM is trying to hide and/or deny happened. Where are the airport videos? you know there had to be some, with them things all over the place, airport that large has em all over the place in that area where they claim the shootings happened. Also, how come no one in the MSM is even asking nor even talking about those videos? real strange, some reports were indicating, there is blood everywhere mainly cause he was aiming for the head as in, kill shots. I have as of yet, seen any video where there is blood all over the damn place, where are they? And CELLS, no one had cells where this shooting was taking place? And where is all or any of those that died, has anyone seen the names of those that died? How about family members being interviewed? I am sure this is false flag, a ton of it just doesnt add up! THEN THERE IS THIS>>>>
    Air Canada Says They “Have No Record of Such A Passenger By That Name, Or Checked Guns, On Any Of Our Flights To Fort Lauderdale”