Roosh Gives His Thoughts On The Mike Cernovich vs Baked Alaska Beef

Earlier today Roosh of took to Periscope to give his well laid-out thoughts on the current beef between Mike Cernovich and Baked Alaska.

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  • Mike has a mixed race kid now, so he’s got a real flesh and blood reason to betray the white nationalist alt-Right. He can clean up his social media past by deleting anything non-kosher, attack and marginalize anyone who brings up the JQ and wahlah, he’s back on Fox again reinvented as an edgy magic dirt civic nationalist like Gavin McInnes. I think most people saw this coming but were hoping he wouldn’t cuckout, but he did and he will.

  • BunE22

    This whole thing red-pilled me on Cernovich and Vox Day.

    Cernovich is an opportunist, ‘ hitching his wagon to’ is a diplomatic way of saying it, but he’s only in it for the recognition/attention and the money to be made off the movement. He cucked when he surrendered to the media narrative, and he silenced an ally. I got a refund of my donation to his documentary Silenced. The irony of Cernovich’s actions are either lost to him or ignored by him in his quest for fame and money.

    Vox Day doubled and tripled down in his defense of Cernovich, like an SJW. I get that Cernovich is a friend and business associate, but that means Vox can’t be impartial and should not have involved himself. After more than a year of following his blog I concluded it’s a bait and switch. I resigned from his VFMs.

    I don’t know Baked Alaska, so for me this isn’t personal, but it showed me who Cernovich and Vox Day really are. Sad.