Person Handcuffed At FLL Amid Possible Second Incident At Airport

A person was video tapped handcuffed at Fort Lauderdale Airport amid a second incident at the airport, after 5 were killed and at least 13 injured.

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  • Veritas Vincit

    The parents of these kids should be jailed and investigated if that is how these were treated as kids. Otherwise, where did they learn to do this? People complain of racism but this explains 90% of that, since most of those crimes are committed by young black kids. Kids learn what they say and do from their parents, one wonders where these kids learned violence. Only stupid people need to use obscenities, yelling and violence to expess themselves because they do not have the brains to use their own language.
    The obvious reason for this type of thing happening is therefore, lack of education, at home AND in school, as kids are growing up because kids learn what they see and hear.