New Footage Of Cologne Sex Attacks Show Women Screaming For Help “You Can’t Touch Me”

cologne sex attacks


Daily Mail reports:

More than 500 women were assaulted and robbed by mobs of immigrant, mostly North African men in the German city during last year’s New Year’s Eve celebrations.

Harrowing cries of a girl shouting: ‘No! You cannot touch me!’, can be heard at the beginning of the new footage which was filmed by specially-trained police officials.

An 18-year-old had an abortion after she was raped in the mass sexual frenzy at Cologne train station on New Year’s Eve.

She was thrown around a group of men before eventually falling on the floor, where she was raped alongside another girl.

Frauke Mahr, 63, who is the manager of the Project for Girls in Cologne, told prosecutors on her behalf: ‘She was separated from her girlfriend, and ended up being shoved from one man to another. She was then thrown to the floor and raped.

‘She told me that a few metres away she saw another girl lying on the ground, also being raped. 

‘She had tried to signal to the other girl that she should close her eyes, but the man then grabbed her own head and forced her to look at him.’

Her ordeal ended when a policeman pulled the man away and she ran home in a panic.

Katja L, 28, said she was with three friends outside the station when they encountered a group of ‘foreign-looking men’.

‘Suddenly I felt a hand on my bottom, then on my breasts, then I was groped everywhere,’ she told Cologne tabloid Express.

‘It was horrible. Although we screamed and flailed about, the guys didn’t stop. I was beside myself and think that I was touched about 100 times across around 200 metres [220 yards].’

A woman in her 30s, interviewed on rolling news channel N24, said she was groped by a group of ‘Arab-looking men’.

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