Muslim On Live TV: ‘We Have the Right To Kill Anyone Who Does Not Respect Islam’

Focus News reports:

These words offer chilling insight into the mind of a radical Islamist: “We will defend our religion with our blood.”

Najmuddin Faraj Ahmad, known commonly as Mullah Krekar, was arrested on Thursday because of what he said in an interview with Norwegian TV station NRK.

“When it comes to what happened in France, naturally I am happy that it happened,” Krekar said, referring to the deadly attack on the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo.

That attack, which left a dozen people dead and was the beginning of further violence, was a response to the magazine’s publishing of cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad — and Krekar said it was justified.

The cartoonist has become an infidel at war, and therefore it is permissible to kill him,” Krekar said. “As he has trampled on our dignity, our principles and beliefs, so he must die. Anyone who does not respect 30 percent of the world’s population has no right to live.”

He also said he would “send a gift” to anyone who murdered someone for burning the Koran.

Rudaw reports:

ERBIL, Kurdistan Region – The Norwegian authorities have released the radical Kurdish preacher Mullah Krekar on Wednesday after the Italian justice ministry  withdrew the extradition request for terrorism charges.

Krekar’s official Facebook page released a photo of the Kurdish preacher which claimed to show him after his release.

The Italian justice ministry has notified the Norwegian part that a ruling from an Italian court had voided the basis for his extradition, Reuters reported.

Earlier his Facebook page said he will be released because “his problem [the legal case] against him turned out to be a lie and baseless.”

Last week the Norwegian Supreme court ruled that Mullah Krekar could be extradited to Italy to face terrorism charges after he lost an appeal.

The Italian justice ministry did not provide explanation to its Norwegian counterpart regarding withdrawing the extradition request, Reuters reported citing Norway’s Director of Public Prosecution.

Krekar was arrested last Wednesday morning Norwegian time by the security forces in his home “under the justification that he may flee”, according to a Facebook post published on his official account.

He was accused of having a hand in planning terrorist activities in Europe by leading a group called Rawti Shax, a claim that he denies.

Mullah Krekar was sentenced in March 2012 to 6 years in prison but was released in January 2015 after a judge reduced his sentence.

He has faced several legal charges in Norway, where he has lived since 1991 with his family.

Krekar, a flamboyant Kurdish Islamist in exile, is wanted in Kurdistan Region for terrorism charges dating back to late 1990s and early 2000s for founding the Kurdish jihadist group Ansar al-Islam. Back then that group declared an Islamist entity in the southern Kurdish towns of Biara and Tawela in the run up for the 2003 US-led invasion of Iraq.

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  • America Veritas

    Why is this man allowed to live in Norway? Why doesn’t he move to a country that his people already destroyed if that’s what he wants?

    • Kek Keke

      Because the women of Europe continue to be raped and pillaged. The men of Europe do fucking nothing to stop them.

      Therefore these ‘animals’ have no respect for European man or Europe. They will continue to rape, pillage, spit on the corpses they create and their victims of rape.

      Should never have allowed them in, we had the crusades for very serious and very distinct reasons.

      It’s disgusting that they’re allowed to run free completely unopposed, especially after the crusades. After the crusades Europe was respected and feared. Now all Europe does is continue to encourage and radicalise the animals of the East by being so weak and easy prey it only further enrages the rabid dogs of the East.

      • Free Speech Advocate

        “After the crusades Europe was respected and feared. ”

        The Crusades lead to the death of Eastern Christianity, the fall of Constantinople and the Byzantines, and the rise of the Ottoman empire. It lead to a resurgence of the Islamic conquests of Europe.

        Europe wasn’t ‘feared’ after the crusades, it was AFRAID.

    • Free Speech Advocate

      Why do conservatives live in liberal Western countries rather than living in ultra-conservative states like Russia or Saudi Arabia? No liberals there!

  • Okay, sport, tell you what, we should have the right to kill any Islamist who do not respect Christianity.

    • Free Speech Advocate

      So you’d kill for Christianity – a Middle Eastern religion founded by a Middle Eastern Jew? LOL. What a cuck.

    • Thorbjorn Northman

      I live for this to occur. I feel that it’s important that I say I’m not Christian. I’ll convert in a heartbeat to give back to Islam what it has given to the rest of the world for 1400 years.

  • Bob Geese

    Lone wolf…

  • Steven Richards

    …Only a baby that PP would let roam the Earth.