MAGABEEF: Amy Moreno & Jared Wyand VS Bill Mitchell

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Another MAGABEEF is unfolding, this time between Jared Wyland & TruthFeed’s Amy Moreno VS Your Voice Radio’s Bill Mitchell.

This all apparently started when Bill Mitchell asked Amy Moreno to disavow Jared Wyland and the alt-right movement, which she refused to do:

According to Bill Mitchell, he is good friends with TruthFeed’s owner who is Amy Moreno’s boss and Bill told him Amy was involved with people associated with the alt-right who were racist.

TruthFeed’s owner then told Amy to put out a statement saying she was not racist.

Bill posted a video about what happened:

And Jared Wyland’s reply to the video:

Screen Shot 2017-01-03 at 1.19.58 AM

Here is how Twitter is reacting:

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