In Canada Syrian Refugees Get $3600 Per Month From The Government, $43,000 Per Year, While The Average Canadian Makes $27,600 Per Year

The Canadian Broadcasting Company, commonly referred to as the CBC, recently put out a puff piece about a Syrian refugee family in Canada.

The CBC tours the families house, a three bedroom home that is honestly nicer than most homes.

It turns out the average Syrian refugee receives $3600 from the Government of Canada, or $43,000 per year, while the average Canadian makes a mere $27,100.

Screen Shot 2016-11-29 at 10.09.56 PM

Screen Shot 2016-11-29 at 10.10.04 PM

Screen Shot 2016-11-29 at 10.10.15 PM

Below are some additional photos of the families house, and here is a link to the video.

Screen Shot 2016-11-29 at 10.09.20 PM Screen Shot 2016-11-29 at 10.09.35 PM Screen Shot 2016-11-29 at 10.09.45 PM    Screen Shot 2016-11-29 at 10.10.36 PM

Below is additional documentation showing how much Canadian refugees receive:


The EU is paying even more than Canada per refugee, in an attempt to be Cuck-Of-The-Hill:


Screen Shot 2016-11-29 at 10.20.46 PM

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  • James Hale

    tbhfam It seems like about half of that is one-time-only, about $1399 is given to them per month. But still, this is more than we give to people on welfare over here, hence I still think something just isn’t right, but they aren’t making more than average canadian at around $16,788 per year, but it is still quite a surprisingly large sum of money though.

    • lolwut? (Deplorable Hoser)

      Full dental, they fix anything and everything. Welfare/disability will PULL teeth that can be repaired.

      Travel allowance including gas for cars

      Welfare/disability DEDUCTS money from your check..

      Syrians get thousands for clothing. Welfare/disability gives you $100.

      Syrians get up to $4000 for furniture. Welfare/disability…$100

      There’s lot’s more then what appears on this story and it adds up.

      • Nahla Salvia

        With welfare start up you get allot more than 100 for furniture. Years ago when i applied for my start up check through welfare, i recieved 1500; in addition to my regular check and i have no kids.
        This article is trying to cause problems among Canadians, lets not buy into it. The author never cited the average income and who writes an article like that, snooping and posting people’s private dwelling. Plus the author tried to compare what a family is receiving to a single person’s income. If there are two parents on welfare with 2 kids, they won’t be getting $550; they will receive about $1300.

        • Eric Jacques

          They are receiving 2100$/month from the CCB (Canada Child Benefit). This is open to all Canadian residents and is because they have 4 children. The other 1500$/month was for one year only and is a living allowance to help refugees integrate. Both parents are learning English and the school aged children are learning English and French (the parents want them to know both official languages). They are integrated in their neighbourhood and have a social network to help them now. Considering that they had nothing a year ago and none of them could speak anything other than Arabic, they are doing very well. All that’s missing is a job and I cannot imagine that that is easy in Windsor, ON for anyone, much less a refugee.

          • Onetrack

            The majority of these people were not even refugees, they were living in Jordan with apartments and running businesses for the last 3 years.

            This is just vote importing by the left.

          • Corey York

            You know Syria that well that you know most of the refugees personally? And why only the last three years if they were running businesses? It was the right that agreed to bring them here.

          • Onetrack

            I guess you can’t read.

            The syrian ‘refugees’ who came to canada did not come here from Syria, they came from Jordan.
            Yes they are Syrians, but most had already left Syria for years. Research before you respond or you’ll look like an idiot.

          • Solsticewitch13

            I agree,, and they are importing people who are hostile to our way of life, and their holy books, tell them we need to be DEAD!!

            We should be saving the Christians and Kurds,, not the muslims.

          • noel_one

            Proof. Got any? And NOT from a Fascist hate site, either. NPR would be good.

  • Fed Flintstone

    And the average German Take Home is 1300€ This is beyond disgusting..

  • Fantasy is the life blood of progressives.

    When non-working people get more free money than working people earn, you have progressive economics.

    • Solsticewitch13

      yeah sick to death of these morons. They have absolutely NO clue. The left is a mental illness. I will be happy to see them turn into cannon fodder, they won’t have the courage to FIGHT!!

  • brane pilot

    Profound self loathing among privileged white people in expensive universities is epidemic.

    Its causes probably lie in the radical leftists who populate so-called ‘social science’ departments as a result of affirmative action hiring over decades. In most universities, social science courses are a requirement for graduation. If you get on the wrong side of an extremist social science professor, your GPA nosedives and your future is in jeopardy.

    These people graduate to enter government and set national policy. The loathing of one’s own countrymen while elevating foreign ‘refugees’ is a symptom.

    • Artemis

      It’s usually spoiled-ass white kids with parents who pay all their bills that are libtards.
      You’ll never see a libtard working construction or in a factory to pay for their socialism degrees, mommy and daddy pay for everything which is why they are so generous with other peoples money, they’ve never worked a day and don’t appreciate money.

      • Solsticewitch13

        so true I agree

    • Solsticewitch13

      they have NO clue to what is coming for them,,

    • Solsticewitch13

      I blocked some of those leftard nutcases here. I don’t even want to be on the same planet as them,, LOLOL

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  • Solsticewitch13

    I worked 40 years,, I live in a run down apartment, with floors so rough you get splinters. The walls in my apartment haven’t been painted in 15 years, and the paint falls off in sheets. Landlord too cheap to paint.

    This makes me furious, that these invaders live in a place nicer than I have EVER lived in!!!


    • DontListenToTheStupid

      what type of job did you choose that provided so little???

      • Corey York

        A pathetic job, to match their pathetic life.

        • Solsticewitch13

          another libtard nutcase,, go work your life, you have nothing to say to me, you goof

          • noel_one

            So you’re showing what a COWARD you are, when you got called on your LIES. LOL. Typical Sidewalk Commando. Talk tough but, “All talk and no walk.”

      • Solsticewitch13

        my rent is 1,000$ a month,, there is NO affordable housing here,, these inbred hijra savages are taking all of it!!!

        • DontListenToTheStupid

          I pay 1000$ in monthly rent as well. I asked about your job. What do you do that pays so little?

          • Solsticewitch13

            None of your business,, I made good money, I worked a 40 year career,, and I am retired now, and my income is fixed. The housing market in my city is tanked,, there is NO available affordable housing. The welfare bags and hijra invaders are taking it. We have a huge homeless problem here, they should be cared for BEFORE we save the world.

            Go work your 40 years, jerk,, then retire and tell me how well you do. I was paying almost $30,000 a year in income tax. when I retired.

          • DontListenToTheStupid

            How can you have worked for 40 years and not paid for a house while making all that money.

            I’m 10-15 years from retirement and although paying rent out in Alberta I own a house which is almost all paid off in 5 years of work. I’ll be buying another house and pay it off cash within 10 years/

            If after 40 years you still have nothing but was paying 30k in income tax, well where did you squander all that money?

            What city are you living in?

          • noel_one

            Then why are you broke now? If you were making that much money even CPP would be enough to get a nice place, regardless of where you live. And if you were making that much money, how come you didn’t have investments or a RIF, or a RRSP? “Paying $30 K a year in taxes” means you were making a 6 figure income or, better. So tell me again, why are you broke? Drugs? Bad Marriage? or, a bad case of BS?

    • noel_one

      Wow. That much hatred and you call yourself a Witch? Damn you need to go back and learn the ancient Rede all over again. You must have missed the parts; “Fairly take and Fairly give, each to the other live and let live. And…. Eight words the Wiccan Rede fulfill, an it harm none, do as thou Will.”

      • Solsticewitch13

        righttt,,, meanwhile, our native born people are homeless,, our Veterans aren’t getting the care they need, and the muslim invaders live in nice homes than our own people who worked 40 years cannot get a decent home, because there are NONE left.

        You are a utter fool,, I bet you are libteral. Wait until some psychopath jihadi has you on the ground beheading you, then tell me about the wiccan rede. Wait until your own kids are raped and murdered in the street,, you can kiss the ass of the muslim jihadi who destroyed them.

        There is also the RULE OF 3. The Christians and Jews,, get 3 options under islam. Guess what you GOOF,,, we don’t get that choice,, we get genocided under islam.

        Sometimes YOU HAVE TO FIGHT!!! But then again I doubt you even have the backbone and courage to fight. So you will be either enslaved or will die.

        Me I would rather die on my feet,, then a slave on a knees,, so PISS OFF you asshole!!

        • noel_one

          LOL. You call me a GOOF, you water head? You can’t be Wiccan with that much hatred for a people you’ve never met. You can be a Republican though.

          1)I’ve read the Quoraan and I know what the ORIGINAL ‘book’ says, as opposed to the Fatwas added by some of these idiots. I’ve sat down and talked with Canadian Muslims and they’re just like us, with a different Faith. They don’t want the Jihadis here anymore then you do. Sheeit, most of them fled from countries where the Jihadis WERE the problem. They sure as hell don’t want them here.
          2) Fascists condemn an entire race and I’m betting you have never sat down as a FRIEND with a Muslim and talked to them. You might be surprised what you LEARN, rather then the BS you’ve obviously been spoon fed by someone.
          3)Get a Grip and check your facts. How many ‘Jihadi’ attacks have there been on Canadian soil? How many Mulsims live here? More Canadians have been killed by MOOSE then have been killed in Canada by ‘Terrorists.”
          Fun Fact, “Sunshine.” About half of the people who immigrated to Canada back in the ’90’s from the Bosnia-Serbia conflict where Muslim. Like 99.9% of Muslims in Canada, they protested _vigorously_ when one group said they wanted Sharia Law. They pushed it to the Supreme Court, who agreed with them, that ‘Sharia Law is incompatible with Canadian Laws and Values.”
          4) You should look into the histories of places like Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine, Lebanon before the west stuck their noses in. Beiruit was called “The Paris of the East.” Afghanistan was secular, as was Iraq and Iran. The crazies showed up after the good ol “US of A” started meddling.
          5)I put my ass on the line to protect my fellow Canadians as a Blue Beanie. I’m betting you’re a Side Walk Commando. All mouth and no backbone. I did my bit and served in the Golan, probably before you were born so you want to watch who you are calling a ‘Traitor’ you pissant, before someone decides to tune you up. “CCUNEF, “Canada Dry One, Classification 031.” That’s my Brag, boy. What’s yours?
          6) No homes Left? What are you Smoking? What you mean, is there are no homes in YOUR price range, where you live. OTOH, considering the way you talk, I’m betting you’re flipping burgers and blaming it on “all them darkies for taking the good jobs.” LOL
          7) “Here to take” Riiiight. Refugees get 1 year to get acclimated before they have to make it on their own. By the end of that year, a lot of those refugees who are professionals are working in their field or getting re-certified to work in Canada. Most families are self supporting at the end of the year and about half are already paying back the ‘loan’ for the Air flight that brought them here. Fun fact, about 20% of the refugees coming to Canada are Professionals: MD’s, Lawyers, Teachers, Nurses, mechanics, software programmers etc, who can contribute a lot to Canada’s economy.
          8) I’ve been a Witch for 38 years and I know about the Rule of 3 and I know the Rede does NOT preclude one from fighting when it is ‘proper.’ I also know our history of being suppressed. Hell, I knew the guy who sued to get us our holidays off back in ’85 and I walked in the protests. You on the other hand, come across like a Fascist, Neo-Nazi Dickwad, with a grade 10 Education who probably says you’re a ‘witch’ ’cause you think it will get you ‘chicks.’
          9) And for the Record, if you ever said some of this shit to my face, this grumpy, 60 year old witch would have shoved a size 9 combat boot up your racist ass and, yeah, I still wear jump boots.

          • Rue Di

            Great, you’ve convinced yourself you’re a tough guy.

            Now try losing some weight you bloated pig.

          • noel_one

            Oh no! I’m wounded. The hurts! Yeah right. LOL. As for my weight… yeah, I put on a few pounds after I broke my back. The picture is an old one though. I’ll post a new one, some day. I look a lot better at 200 then I did at 245.. It’s amazing what being able to walk can do for you…. 😉 How about you?
            BTW, Nah, I’m not a tough guy. I can be tough if I need to but, I’m really a big pussycat. Oh and by the way, making personal attacks without cause is just low class. Solstice earned it. That he deleted a bunch of his less savory posts just shows the kind of coward he is.

      • Gerry Bourque

        have u ever worked one day in youre entire life

        • noel_one

          LOL. Seriously?
          Okay, you mean besides, Serving my country? Besides owning my own wood crafts company? Besides Driving a 24 foot, 5 ton rig supply truck in the oil patch? Besides working as a senior machine operator on a four color die-cut press in a union shop?
          Yeah, I think I’ve worked a bit. How about you? You ever worked at anything besides running your mouth? 😉

          • Rue Di

            Because rational people list off their resume when someone asks that…

          • noel_one

            And how should I have replied, when someone wants to know if I ever worked? Should I have just gone, Oh, yeah, a few times.? He wanted to know and I told him. ‘Nuff said.

    • noel_one

      Is that why you removed all your hateful, BS posts? Just curious, since I’m pretty sure I can find them in my emails, in case you need them again. 😉 Typical CONservative, running and hiding when you get called on your horseshyte. You’re a liar and a coward who never served a day and who NEVER paid $30K taxes in your whole life, much less in any year.

  • kamenetz

    C’mon Canada, get rid of Fuhrer Trudeau ASAP! Make Canada Great Again!

    • Solsticewitch13

      We can hope President Trump invades us because we are a terrorist haven,,, Trudeau is creating that.

      HELPPP US!!!! We have been taken over by the lunatic left!!! and Nazi George Soros

      • kamenetz

        Ok, let me tweet DJT to add that to the upcoming agenda. We’ll take it easy on the Canadian Deplorables 😉

        • Solsticewitch13

          Cool, I am thinking of claiming refugee status to the States. Now that Canada has gone hard left libtard,, I don’t even want to live here anymore.

          • kamenetz

            I’m good with it, as long as you pass Trump’s new extreme vetting 🙂

    • Don Davidson

      Why would you make such a ridiculous comparison between that zionist, holocaust-believing POS, Turdeau, and the greatest leader of the 20th century, Adolf Hitler?!
      If you were somehow implying that our PM is a dictator in the vein of Hitler, then I suggest you do some serious research and stop watching Spielberg movies or the History Channel!

  • jvcdd

    is what that nation does best. When you eventually decide to move from
    Canada somewhere warm and maybe to a 1st world country etc. if lucky enough, they
    penalize you 25% on your pension and benefits you paid into your whole
    life! If you have a lot of Canadian
    currency saved and want that out into Euro with your bank/banks . . . good
    luck! (burned well past pathetic exchange rates on larger sums) They don’t want the money to leave – major gov bureaucracy the stasis never even knew. Bottom
    Line . . . Canadians like doing one another over and NO IT IS NOT LIKE

  • ian gregson

    HOAX and you fell for it

  • itisso

    Many of the government sponsored refugees are into month thirteen, where the government stops paying for them.Many do not yet speak enough English to find jobs, if they have any skills! Some of them came with four kids, now have five! Who will pick up the tab for them, we will, taxpayers, and the stupid government wants to bring more? The Liberals are a complete disgrace, they need to start doing something about our own needs first. The cost for these refugees is already far more than they told us it would be.

    • Corey York

      How is it so many Conservatives forget so quickly, it was the Harper government that agreed to take in over 11000 Syrian refugees? The Liberals are a disgrace??? I am neither Liberal or Conservative, but the only disgrace I see happening is any Canadian not realizing that helping these people is the right thing to do. Maybe check out or at least admit to what is factual before spouting off nonsense. Here is a link to help you out. Don’t forget to look at the date on the article.

    • Solsticewitch13

      agree 100% wait until their numbers are big enough to cause the chaos that is happening in Europe.

  • DontListenToTheStupid

    you guys realize this entire story is a hoax right??? none of these figures are true. no immigrant or refugee get more than what anyone on welfare gets. utter nonsense

    • Brian M

      No hoax. The figures come from this CBC video:

      • Corey York

        The hoax here is the fact this article leads one to believe this money is forever, it lasts 12 months.

        • Onetrack

          which is exactly 12 months too damn long as long as we have canadians that need it.

        • Colleen N Quentin

          and after 12 months they move onto Provincial Social Service doles … who pays then? the taxpayers and there is NO TIME LIMIT for the extended services. Many claim lack of English/French hampering work opportunities, but every province has a free online ESL course that they could partake in with very little effort. Wouldn’t that be a good start for them instead of making excuses?

  • Lisa Pattison

    That’s fucking bull shit……. people here need help wtf…… My husband, my 5 year old daughter and myself live in a crap hole and my husband is working, I’m looking for work so we can survive and they live better then Canadians do……..

    • Arachne646

      It depends where in Canada you live, as well. This article’s considerably exaggerated, and some citys’ costs of living are much higher than other areas’. Their standard of living isn’t lavish, but this article is displaying one-time family set-up payments and implying that these are the monthly amounts, to incite as much anger as possible.

      I hope you find work soon–my son just lost his job.

      • Lisa Pattison

        We live in Hamilton Ontario. And sorry to hear your son lost his job. Thanks hope so too, not much jobs here.

    • Solsticewitch13

      To have a house like the one these “refugees” live in you would have to pay $2,500 or higher where I live. I hear ya on affordable housing. It’s outrageous, and the way this moron trudeau is handing our $$ we don’t even have to the third world,, soon Canada will also be third world.

      • noel_one

        So where do you live, Toronto?

  • Tasha
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  • noel_one

    I call Bull Shyte. I’m a Canadian and, you have included a whole bunch of ‘charges’ that are ONE TIME payments to the family for basics like clothing etc. The form you show even says. “Start up Allowance.” on it! ALL families in Canada get the Child Care allowance and you have ‘added a ZERO to the total. Each child benefit is $210 a month so, unless this family has ten kids, the number is grossly inflated. You have cherry picked ‘facts’ and stuff from the article while ignoring other parts, to conflate hatred against a bunch of people who are different from you. Of course since you are American, it’s no surprise that you would do that.

  • Solsticewitch13

    so much for the “engineers and doctors”.

  • Free Speech Advocate

    Daily reminder that Jesus was a refugee who was born a stone’s throw away from Syria.

    • Don Davidson

      No such person named Jesus claiming to be the son of god ever existed…PERIOD!
      Stop believing in some fictional character probably invented by the hebrews, as there is NO historian of the day that even mentions such a person…it’s all plagiarist bullshit!

  • Secret Squirrel

    Good. Pay them more, then all of ours will move there…forever.

    This is why Canadians pay high taxes.