Feminist Protestors Display “Rape Melania” Sign

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  • Fedup

    I think a bunch of Trump supporters ought to walk past the protesters wearing “Deplorables” shirts, or MAGA hats. Trump supporters that are legally permitted to carry a firearm (CCW) in the given city/state. If they swarm, the disparity of force would certainly justify melting a few snowflakes. Pop one or two, and the rest will scatter like cockroaches. If this happened at enough locations, it would cause so many ‘safe place’ triggers, they’d all go running back to mommy and daddy.

    • Kurt Williams

      lol u should try it guess what you might just run into the wrong type of liberal 3:) O:) some of those cockroaches actually think squad automatic wepons and kevlar should be everyday casual wear 3:)

      • Norbert Kausen

        Learn to spell, Kurt!!!

    • onlyoncepal

      Careful, one might have to whip out their own concealed carry and fire back. Then it’s a party.

  • Peter Lemonjello

    I love those pro-Hillary supporters.

    They are their own worst enemy.

  • deplorable1

    Disgusting. Nasty women.

    Simple Definition of nasty

    : very unpleasant to see, smell, taste, etc.
    : indecent and offensive
    : unpleasant and unkind

  • Morgan

    I was there this is untrue. I was talking to Trump supporters and this guy came up with a folded sign. The sign said “rape melania.” The guy came over to us and said, “you trump supporters?” and the guy talking to me said yea. The sign guy goes me too! And he runs off and as he ran off he tripped. We were fifteen feet from the Trump security guard who saw it. I also have video of the rally. I’d be happy to send along. You reposting this to make your supporters angry is disgusting.

    • Noovuss

      You mean like this video?

    • immortalwombat10 .

      Come on, do it dare you, double dare you.

    • JoeDrager

      The only way to make your argument more convincing is to stamp your feet and hold your breath.

    • yak_disqus

      Dag, Morgan. Post the video if you have it.

  • Morgan

    If anyone has any questions, secret service or otherwise, I’d be happy to share videos and pictures throughout the rally.

    • Molly Morgan Hazelrig

      Share them, then. Or quit talking.

    • Molly Morgan Hazelrig

      Share the video.

  • Blay Breemritz

    I’m slowly losing the ability to discern between a Hillary supporter and ISIS.

  • Guest
  • Lisette Muntslag

    The gender extremist and supporters of #HillaryClinton are helping me make that case…..showing their true colors.

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  • Morgan

    it was staged. i was there.

    • Molly Morgan Hazelrig

      You have yet to show the video you claim to have. So quit commenting until you do.

  • AH

    Look. Someone needs to report them to the FBI, secret service, etc. Some may need to infiltrate these crowds and take notes and pics on descriptions of this psycho scum headed to jail.

  • Could be worse — they could be beating up homeless black women. Oh, wait…

  • T Jensen

    Don’t even bother to make the photo-shop look real – They’ll eat it up anyway cause it’s what they want to believe.

  • Velma

    Hey guys, guess what, this was staged:

  • Norbert Kausen

    Now THAT is a HATE crime!!!!!!!

  • OneHits

    Disgusting people.

  • the beav

    typical communist hate groupies