Fake News CNN Uses Black & White Photo, Crops Out Islamic One-Finder Salute Of Muslim Terrorist

Left-wing CNN has made the photo of Esteban Santiago black and white as well as cropped out the Islamic one-finger salute.

Screen Shot 2017-01-07 at 12.06.38 AM


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  • You seriously need a good proofreader.

  • Jose

    Im a Trump supporter, and not because im a sheep following leaders, but because i think the man have good intentions. But im asking myself if sites like this, really are helping ..but to who? I have check the fake news about CNN on Esteban Santiago..and both are fabricated. MY conclusion is that fake news..are helping big liberal networks to get a pass in their one side report. Every time a fake news is confirmed..this networks get a vaccine and get away with their liberal agendas.