Cernovich Posts His Side Of Story In Baked Alaska Beef

To get caught up on the beef, watch this:

Mike Cernovich has posted a blog post titled ‘Anthime Gionet A/k/a Tim Treadstone a/k/a Baked Alaska Drama’ on his website Danger and Play outlining the reasons he dropped Baked Alaska from the DeploraBall and how their working relationship has come to an end.

From Danger and Play:

My former employee Anthime Gionet conned me and others, and has now gone rogue, lying about his involvement in a grass roots organization I founded. Anthime Gionet lies about everything, in fact, even his own name – even though his real name is known and can be found online. His stage name is “Baked Alaska,” but he tells people his real name is Tim Treadstone. What else has Tim lied about?

A brief note about me, trolling, and Nazis.

I am pro-trolling and pro-boundary pushing. However I’ve always been clear that if you actually hate people, then you’re not welcome around me. That’s not my bag. A toxic mindset is not only self-destructive, but it also poisons those around you.

No groups are off limits from criticism – this includes whites, blacks, Asians, gays, Jews, men, and everyone else. No subjects are off limits. Goofing around, even in an edgy or controversial way, isn’t the same as goose stepping.

Thus I have a lot of tolerance for goofing off online and don’t take much seriously. I don’t freak out or get triggered. But we all have lines, and Tim crossed them.

Anthime Gionet lied about creating MAGA3X, a get-out-the-vote drive envisioned by me.

Anthime claims he created MAGA3X. Simply run a search on Twitter for the hashtag for the truth.

On September 25th, I announced #MAGA3X was coming.

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