Burlington Mall Shooter Arcan Cetin Is A Hillary Supporter

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  • Sean Murphy

    A psychopathic murderer voting for another psychopathic murderer. Nothing to see here folks.

    • You are soooooo right!!!!!

    • Avian Donn

      Clinton’s not a murderer. Hannity lied to you. He’s a very bad boy. And you’re a gullible idiot.

      • Luisto9

        Who’s the idiot?

    • Luisto9


  • Kylie Mosshart

    Well if you read anything else he clearly wasn’t a supporter of any Democrat or republican…

  • Coach1960

    Well, how about that? He said in January 2015 that he was voting for Hillary but she didn’t announce until mid April. Not only is he a mass murderer but a psychic too. What a rag this is. Nice job of doctoring tweets also,folks.

    • Emmett

      We all know she was heir apparent to OBAMMEY ! Can’t soros afford trolls with a little grey matter ?

      • James Daniels

        Right…try reality idiot..

    • Huckleberry Sawyer

      Everyone knows he was referring to the conference championship game because his seahawks were losing to the packers. He was willing to do something he didn’t want to do if his team would win. You guys really need to try harder. This has already been reported on CNN and fox

  • marc

    Washington mall shooter. https://www.facebook.com/Arcancetin And the media had the NERVE to say he was Hispanic!! He is from Turkey and more than likely a follower of the death cult of Islam.

    • Leslie Miller

      he wasn’t radical in 2010 tweeting Merry Christmas…we don’t know enough yet.

      • Luisto9

        We don’t need to know anything else. Executive him and move on

  • Fast Eddy

    Hillary and the liberals just can’t get enough of Muslims killing Americans. Vote Hillary for a 500% increase in rapugees. Americans that vote for Hillary deserve the jihad.

  • pragmatist

    Vote the Bleachbit again and you will be the proud recipients of many such shootings all over the country.

  • aphi

    Arcan Cetin Is Middle Eastern, NOT Hispanic. Another Islamic immigrant.

  • Victoria Wheeler

    A tweet of Cetin’s from January 2015 led some on social media to believe he was a supporter of Hillary Clinton’s. The message, “We win I vote for Hillary Clinton,” was apparently a reference to the Seattle Seahawks defeating the Green Bay Packers, according to a friend. That friend added that Cetin “was a conservative in rifle club & ROTC.” Online records show no party affiliation in his voting history.

  • James
  • Joe

    Nice spin. His Facebook has him complaining about Obama and “communism”. His Twitter has him compare Hillary to Hitler’s wife. “We win I vote for Hillary” is clearly some sort of bet like “If we win this one, I’ll eat my hat”. And given the date, it’s probably referring to the Seattle Seahawks’ NFC championship game against the Packers, in which the Seahawks were down 16-0 in the 3rd quarter. So he was basically saying that he would vote for Hillary (a “sacrifice”) if the Seahawks could pull out a win. Granted, they did win, so he would have been on the hook for voting for her. But he hardly seems like the kind of person who’d honor anything.

    • Luisto9

      Not even worth the deliberation. Line him up and shoot him. End of story.

  • Cordstreet

    How easy for ME’s to be mistaken for Hispanic. Another reason Barry is flooding the nation with Mexicans.

  • Cordstreet

    They don’t have a motive but the FBI says it isn’t Terrorism. Sure. WTF! How stupid do they think we are, the MFers! If they’re saying is isn’t terrorism, it’s definitely terrorism.

  • Avian Donn

    Wrong. This is what happens when there is just a statement out of context. His friends describe him as a conservative, a member ROTC and NRA. His Hillary comment was a reference to the Seahawks defeating the Green Bay Packers. He believed liberalism was not different from communism and recommended that Clinton and Hitler’s Wife be on the $10 bill.

  • ET

    Arcan Crtin…Another Sand Roach from the “Religion of Peace” is a DemoCrap. By all means, let’s bring in more and more of these Islamist Terrorists. As long as they all vote DemoCrap.

  • CatzRule1379

    Seriously? What does that matter? What a stupid fucking thing to post. 5 people have lost their lives. Who gives a fuck who this person is voting for?

    • Movie Blue Diving Suit

      I do. Because it shows your character.

    • Huckleberry Sawyer

      I agree catz. The only reason that this is even brought up is that the right wing has sunk so low that they will take any opportunity to take shots at the left EVEN WHEN THE TERRORISTS INSTAGRAM SHOWS HE IS A TRUMP SUPPORT AND HAS WRITTEN ANTI OBAMAS AND ANTI LIBERAL COMMENTS ON FACEBOOK IN 2013. See how easy that was ?

  • Chris Williams

    Mass news media behind Hillary desperatly paints the muslim jihadi isis import to be “Hispanic”. Liberals are sick full of love for ISIS terrorist as they ship them into America.

  • He also said that Hillary Clinton should be in the 10 $ bill with Hitler’s wife and that Obama’s policy sounded like communism. Apparently the ‘We win I vote for Hillary Clinton’ post was referring to a bet (something like ‘if team XYZ wins, I will vote for Hillary Clinton).

    • Huckleberry Sawyer

      Yes as a Washington naitive he was cheering form the seahawks against the Packers on jan 18 at the precise time that they were losing. It’s funny how little effort it takes to disprove the bullshit the right wing has to offer

  • Eric C.

    Get your facts straight: “In response to a letter in the Whidbey News-Times in May 2013 praising President Obama and Washington Governor Jay Inslee, Cetin commented that the pair’s liberalism “sounds like Communism.” On his Twitter page, which hasn’t been updated since the summer of 2015, Cetin recommended Hillary Clinton and “Hitler’s wife” to be the new face of the ten dollar bill.

    A tweet of Cetin’s from January 2015 led some on social media to believe he was a supporter of Hillary Clinton’s. The message, “We win I vote for Hillary Clinton,” was apparently a reference to the Seattle Seahawks defeating the Green Bay Packers, according to a friend. That friend added that Cetin “was a conservative in rifle club & ROTC.” Online records show no party affiliation in his voting history.”

  • Eric C.

    How ironic that you racist idiots here are quick to blame democrats and liberals while this nutjob was on your team as a gun living conservative. Go read a book and learn about things called facts before automatically believing your own internal prejudices.

  • disqus_34445

    Hillary supporter AND allah supporter. This is a recipe for disaster. It would be shocking if this did NOT happen.

    A Tumblr page in his name contains references to the phrase “Subhan Allah,” which means Glory be to God, as well as comments about serial killers. It links to a page that praises the ISIS leader.

    On the Tumblr page, a post contains a reference to Allah and a person who responds uses the word Jannah, which is the term for the Muslim paradise.

    His Tumblr page has photo is of the leader of ISIS, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. The comment under it says, “My main dude, Abu bakr al big daddy. #al qaeda.”

  • amabokcuf

    Support gun control…keep guns out of the hands of democRATs and other worthless liberal fecal matter…

  • yankeepaul

    Virtually all social media suggests the guy was a gun toting nut in love with fascists – his Twitter friends/contacts had Biblical psalms and other passages under their names. He displays a confederate flag and belong to subscribed to some pro-Trump Twitter accounts.

    Whoever wrote this headline is a moron.

    • Wfeather1940

      Since fascists are the national socialist workers party and believe in big govt and no individual rights, we see fascism is just another form of leftbwing nutter

  • Huckleberry Sawyer

    What a joke story. Clearly a reference to the Super Bowl on the date of the Super Bowl. Also all one had to do to see that he is a trump supporter is to look at his Instagram account which reads “Turkish #Trump2016”. Despite the fact that it makes no difference who a terrorist would vote for, this website has not only posted a blatant lie under the guise of an out of context tweet, but I have been analyzing the accounts retweeting this story around the clock on Twitter and found they are being posted under the same IP. I sent my Information to the associated press to let them know what this website is trying to do.

    Ironic only a day ago that the pope referred to spreading false information on media as terrorism.

  • Huckleberry Sawyer

    A simple look at his Instagram which was created in 2011 (as indicated by his account page) shows he is a trump supporter using terms like #Trump2016 in his profile. Yet the right wing wants to spin this as a Hillary supporter because of an out of context tweet made during the nfl conference championship game while his Seahawks were losing. Nice try right wing