BREAKING: Black Student Charged For Assaulting White Student Who Is The Son Of A Trump Surrogate & Mike Pence’s Wife’s Pupil

black student charged

From Got News:

One of two black North Carolina perpetrators has been charged for assaulting a white student who expressed support for President-elect Donald J. Trump, who is the son of a Trump surrogate and a long-time pupil of Vice President Mike Pence’s wife.

After reviewing photographic evidence of the bruises on the assault victim’s torso, obtaining the assailant’s confession, and consulting the District Attorney’s Office, the Moore County Schools Police Department has filed criminal charges against one of the two black perpetrators responsible.

In the Victim Impact Statement requested by the Juvenile Court Counselor assigned to the case, fifteen year-old victim Patrick Daly wrote:

“On November 10th, I was riding my assigned bus home from school when two black students (fellow 9th grader Anthony Martin and a 10th or 11th grader named David) blasted the rap song ‘Fuck Donald Trump’ from a portable speaker connected to a smart phone. They played that trash as loud as they could play it on bus #181 for three weeks, over and over. I was sick of it, but they just kept cranking it out like it was their new national anthem.

After I expressed support for Trump, Anthony — an unusually muscular member of the football team wearing his hair in dreadlocks — turned on me, taunted ‘Say Trump again!,’ and threatened, ‘Say Trump again and I’ll punch you!’ When I said ‘Trump,’ Anthony leapt over a bus seat and struck me multiple times with his fist. All I said was ‘Trump’ and boom, he full on lost it and began punching me in front of more than a dozen witnesses.

After Anthony threatened me with violence (because of my race and political views) and completed his assault, David placed the speaker on which he had been playing ‘Fuck Donald Trump’ in front of me and played the rap recording repeatedly, after which he screamed in my face, ‘Now do you understand?!’”

The recording in question is extraordinarily vulgar and filled with references to violence. The lyric uses some iteration of the words nigger, motherfucker, shit, ass, and fuck more than fifty times. The rapper makes reference to the Rodney King riots in Los Angeles, and announces he’s “[a]bout to turn Black Panther.” He openly encourages violence against Donald Trump, and invites Hispanics and blacks to unite in a race war against America’s white population. The lyric variously references the President-Elect as a “red ass mothafucka,” as “racist” and “wicked,” as an “ass nigga,” and as “nigga cancer.”

The lyric further calls upon black and Mexican ghetto gangs to attack Trump supporters at Trump rallies. It accuses Trump supporters of being “on dope,” and further asserts that President Ronald Reagan sold illegal drugs. In a bizarre twist, the song encourages felons to try to vote, while accusing Trump of buying the election with “trust fund money.”

The lyric expresses “surprise” that Trump has not been assassinated by the Nation of Islam or Mexican drug lord “El Chapo.” The song’s official video was published on YouTube on April 18th, only two months before an illegal alien traveled from California to Nevada and attempted to assassinate Trump on June 18th.

The song, which has been viewed more than 14 million times on YouTube, has been roundly condemned as a racist attempt at radicalizing America’s at-risk black and Mexican youths. Multiple black football players at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette were recently disciplined by their coach after they were caught playing, singing, and dancing to the song in their locker room.

A student at Pinecrest High School in Southern Pines, NC for only six months, Patrick was enrolled at Immanuel Christian School in Springfield, VA for nine years between Pre-Kindergarten and the 7th Grade. Patrick’s beloved art teacher for six of those years was Karen Pence, who later became the First Lady of Indiana and is now the incoming Second Lady of the United States.

Patrick Daly’s mother, CPAC Ronald Reagan Award Winner Kay Daly, was an authorized Trump campaign surrogate for broadcast media appearances in the battleground state of North Carolina. Patrick’s father, former Congressional Chief of Staff Jack Daly, was a fundraiser for the Trump campaign and Republican National Committee.

Mrs. Daly asked a salient question. “When the so-called Black Lives Matter movement, mainstream news media, entertainment media, President Obama, and Secretary Clinton all repeat this nonsense that sixty million pro-Trump Americans are deplorable bigots, is it any wonder so many young black people have been motivated to commit violent hate crimes against white Trump supporters?”

Mr. Daly says he’s baffled and outraged that the school system claims to be powerless to stop students from playing the obscene rap recording: “We have public schools that refuse to let Valedictorians mention God or prayer in their student speeches, but they let this kind of filth and trash be broadcast on their buses. I absolutely do not understand it. It’s nothing but an attempt to radicalize young minorities, and it seems to be working. I bet the four black youths – Jordan Hill, Tesfaye Cooper, Brittany Covington, and Tanishia Covington – who recently kidnapped and tortured a white teenager in Chicago were inspired by the very same rap song that inspired the two black youths who assaulted my son.”

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  • Steven Richards

    These pukes have no clue who they are dealing with.

  • Crippled by UK State goons

    I hope they convict and punish properly…. When a gang of Africans almost booted me to death when I was barely 16 (I nearly lost an eye [and they almost snapped my neck booting my unconscious head]) the police refused to try & find the perps; but that was because I was not a minority, not Jewish, not gay, not female & not rich. White working class boys have no rights at all in the UK. Even the police want us dead.
    So, (eventually) my family & I moved to a country with the death penalty, and things improved hugely